music download help

    Yeah i know its probably a dumb question BUT!!!

    I wanna download a tune but i-tunes doesnt have it.
    What other places can I try that are legit?
    Dont fancy inputting my details into something I dont know about as I dont want anbody else trying to defraud me!!

    So any suggestions to point me in the right direction would be appreciated!!


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    Meant to add its "live it up" by mental as anything and i-tunes only have the acoustic version which is kinda weird!


    although its unlikely if itunes doesnt have it but worth a shot.

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    amazonalthough its unlikely if itunes doesnt have it but worth a shot.

    thanks but theyve only got kareoke versions

    you can always use keepvid on the video:…h5s

    then just rip the track from the video file...... rough-ass way of doing it, but it works none the less

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    thanks guys
    I'll take a look now

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    Thanks for that!!
    I got that and for some reason I got Convoy too!!!
    Breaker breaker Thats a big 10 4 rubber ducky!!
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