Music Festival - Keeping the Lager Chilled!

    I'm looking to keep my beer chilled for a weekend long music festival in the summer but I can't think what to use.

    There will be an estimated 96 cans of lager and one or two bottles of water.

    I'm not sure what the most effective means of keeping such liquid cold.

    Is there an extremely large flask out there somewhere?
    Effective Coolbox?
    Portable Fridge?

    Helpe me and if I see you in a festival somewhere I'll give you a bottle of water to say thank you.

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    Most effective thing I know of is a dustbin half filled with ice used at both reading and V for a number of years - Use one of the bins with handles that hold the lid on - Ice melts by day 2, but don't usually care by then! :whistling:

    Keep some beer in car boot - Take a couple of cool boxes - one full of ice and the other with ice blocks - Top up bin as needed - (If you're sober enough to remember to top the bin up with ice and blocks, you didn't take enough beer!;-) )

    (Have seen peeps with a chain & padlock on the dustbin handles, but personally have never found this needed)
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