Music genres in Ibiza. Is there a good range or just dance?

Posted 19th Jan 2009
Hi all,

I am looking at booking a holiday to Ibiza for the end of may. I was just wondering as it is the dance capital of the world, are there plenty of places around playing chart, rnb, indie etc? I am really not sure as I am a huge dance fan but my girlfriend isn't. So I know we will probably avoid the huge clubs but just wanting to know if there is a good range of music played outside of the huge clubs? I've heard about Ibiza rocks and thats about it.

Thanks for any help people.

Rep ready for your help.

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Lots of house and dance, a bit of reggae too.
There is just about everything out there to be honest, dance, hip hop, rnb, garage, indie, rock (look up the ibiza rocks hotel I think thats what it was called) it has bad press as just being dance music, but I have been there 4 times and always had a different experience but great every time
Great. Yeah thats what I thought it surely would have plenty to cater for people who don't like dance music like my lass. Hopefully she will be converted by the end of it.
In all fairness, I am 23 have had a great time everytime, my Parents took me when I was about 15 and they had a quality time to, when I was off clubbing with my bro and some others they found places to go to, its one of those places everyone has a good time no matter what
Can't wait. Think We're going to stay in the Hotel Hawaii. So Excited. Cheers for your comments again.
rent a cheap car.
best place in Europe, incl. UK, by far.
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