Posted 10th Jun 2022 (Posted 8 h, 0 m ago)
Edit: thanks for all the advice.

Given the state of the screen it is being sent back.

Original post as below:


After some advice here.

Orderd a phone using the 10% off code shown on one of the deals here from Music Magpie eBay and recieved it with the screen in this state:


Deep scratches across the length of it and various dings and dents throughout the glass which easily visible in normal use (but an utter pain to take a picture of) and I'm not sure if the deepest scratch is actually a crack or not.



Products that are in good condition will display moderate signs of wear and tear but will have been fully tested to ensure its in great working order.

Am I expecting too much from a good condition phone?
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    Send it back - ask yourself, if you were sending it in to them for a price, would they grade it and pay you as a "good". I doubt it.
    I've already initiated the return but was having 2nd doubts if it was me that was the problem.

    I think there's no way they'd accept this as a "good" handset so you're spot on, thank you.
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    Looks like junk.
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    That is in awful condition. Definitely not a "Good" condition phone, in my opinion.
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    The fact you have to ask says it all. You're not happy, send it back
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    Gosh that’s a D condition!
    Music macpie send phone with 1 deep scratch then rest will be near enough as pristine and 95+% battery

    Try purchasing another
    Literally the reason I had faith that this purchase would go throug fine, my son got a "good" condition iPhone SE 2020 from them and it looks immaculate. Screen is perfect (I fitted his tempered glass protector for him) and the whole phone looked like new.

    Then this turned up today and I was left wondering if his was a fluke. Such a false sense of security....
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    All depends how deep the scratches are for me.

    If you can see deep scratches when the screen is on, it's not in good condition for me.
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    @Misslovely is a Music Macpie expert (edited)
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    +1 all above comments, it's free returns so send it back, if you can be bothered buy another and if it's no better send it back you might eventually get a good one.

    Edit...they pay peanuts for stuff so they should have a "pretty rubbish, covered in scratches, every orifice full of gunk, probably dodgy battery" grade at an appropriate price point. (edited)
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    I would send it back
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    Awful condition
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    The problem is some of these companies don’t see a scratched screen as a major flaw if the body is okay.

    I hate to recommend Cex but it’s good to see what you’re getting before you buy.

    I bought a grade C iPhone from them in store. The body was trashed but the screen was immaculate. Which is all I care about. I’d never have gone for a grade C.
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    Looks average condition at best