Music Magpie or CEX?

Found 12th Jul 2016

Just wanted to hear everyone's opinions on these two.

I buy a lot of DVDs, blu rays and games from CEX in store. You cannot deny their prices plus you get to inspect what you are buying, however have noticed musicMagpie have even cheaper prices! Is there a reason for this? Possibly bad condition?

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These sorts of online sellers can be hit and miss there are loads of them like MusicMagpie and Zoverstocks. Some stuff will be in great condition, other times it will be really badly beaten up.

Part of their prices being better generally is that they are entirely online services, the other part being their anti-customer terms and conditions when people trade stuff in. The reviews I've heard from people online and first hand is that you send the stuff to trade in with them and they will then automatically take around 10-20% of the value the originally quoted off you with claims such as, damaged, unsellable, not UK stock and so on. So they effectively buy things for at least 10% less than would be agreed if you took the same pile to CEX or other physical store. Their terms then also state they won't return things back to you if you change your mind after they evaluate things so it's a case of accept their terms and offer or walk away with nothing.
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I've bought about 10-15 cds off musicmagpie recently and all have been great condition. The majority have been as new, 2 have a few little scratches but played fine.
As you are buying, try musicmapgie for few dvds and see how it goes. But selling, then
Astec123 opinion is what happens most of the time.
We buy any books give you by far the best price for unwanted CDs etc

We buy any books give you by far the best price for unwanted CDs etc

Thanks, will check that
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