Posted 18th Jul 2021
I've been back and forth for the last week on a new smartphone, with a potential £250 saving going for a 'pristine' versus cheapest new I could find. Where I'm most on the shelf here is the warranty side of things, specifically around water ingress. I'm sure the warranty is comprehensive, but being pretty tech savvy I know water ingress can take a while to manifest. Maybe I'm paranoid but I can imaging a world where someone dunks even an IP rated phone and then chops it in to MM and a fault develops later that MM won't honour.

I also question high end trade in's. I'm looking at the latest gen Galaxy Note and can't help but question why someone with a perfectly working high end phone would opt to trade in for lower money than they could get on a private eBay sale.

Keen to hear anyone's thoughts on this - shoot me down if I'm over thinking it!!!
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