Posted 20th Dec 2022 (Posted 10 h, 38 m ago)
I purchased a Samsung S21 off music magpie eBay store. Upon receiving the phone it started turning itself off constantly all the time. I contacted music magpie via chat and they advised to send it back via Royal Mail with a QR code. Strangely they only entertained a refund via chat messages and not through the official eBay order page return section.

I sent the phone back and heard nothing from them. I emailed them and they claimed they never received it, even though tracking proved they got it back.

I let more time pass then contacted them again to ask where my refund was. They kept stalling me saying we’re having issues.

Then eventually they said what’s your email we will issue a refund. I provided the info and waited and still nothing.

I then contacted them again and asked where my refund is. Their response was sorry we are having problems, try contact eBay. I contacted eBay who were equally useless and said contact PayPal.

So I now have an open case through PayPal trying to get a refund.

I first contacted music magpie 4 weeks ago and my issue still isn’t solved.

Absolutely dreadful service and I’m appalled we allow this company to be included on here for deals. They have been so sneaky and underhanded at every opportunity in my case.

I will never use them again, and I implore everyone else to do the same.
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    Whatever you do, do NOT, I repeat do NOT close the paypal case until the money is back in your bank account. Don't let them convince you to close it then they'll refund it. You'll lose your money. Paypal will help you, but as soon as a case is closed Paypal will never touch it again.
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    Not sure if you've opened your case already but this might be of help.

    I had a similar situation with an item from them via eBay. They asked for obvious details like my name and order number when I contacted via the order history itself, then never replied. Think it was someone trying to fill a message quota. So I tried a trick and it worked.

    Login/create an account on the music magpie website. Go into their help section and return an item. If you get into the right set of 'contact us' menus you'll get a text bot chat in the bottom right corner. Go through the motions but put in your eBay order number. The bot will say "I dont understand it/number not found" then transfer you to an actual person!

    The person on the other end is able to access your eBay order and provide the refund/handle the claim issue. It doesn't say anywhere on their website they handle eBay issues but I actually got a refund via doing that rather than being ignored by eBay messages any longer. In the very least you won't be waiting forever for a reply in a live chat.

    Hope that helps out. (edited)
    Cheers for the info. I’ve already returned it to them using their qr code. So now I’m waiting on a resolution from paypal
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    I tried to open a return through eBay but it stated the return window had closed (3 months approx), so I had to contact them through messages.
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    Music Magpie were fine when all they sold were low value items like music cds and dvds which I still buy from them now and then. Wouldn't dream of using them for expensive items.
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    I would not even dream of buying from them since I’ve read too many reviews like this.
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    You gotta take some of the blame for not going through ebay.
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    Doesn't eBay pretty much automatically get you a refund if an item is faulty and you request a return&refund through their system? I don't believe Music Magpie can refuse a refund if an item is faulty/ not as described.
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    I only buy small value items mainly video games and haven't had any major issues My only gripe being their plastic bag delivery service
    Hope you get it sorted though
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    I buy blu rays from them for a couple of quid but the quality of the stuff they send out is very varied, wouldn't buy anything worth more than a fiver from them!
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    A couple of years ago a family member bought an as new Samsung Galaxy S20 (I think it was) from them.

    Used the phone for several months without issue and it then stopped connecting to the network.

    After some investigation, turns out the phone had been blacklisted as it was reported stolen.

    Tbf to MM, they issued a refund without hesitation upon return of the phone.
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    Why did you not just open a case through ebay. It would have all been sorted by now! You seen to have actively made it harder for them and you by going through their chat on their website where you didn’t in fact purchase it from. (edited)
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    Dreadful company
    I think the general conclusion we can all agree with is that MM sucks and should be avoided at all costs really.
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    Bought and sold multiple times and never had any issues
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    I've bought 3 iPhones off Music Magpie on eBay, all turned up absolutely pristine.

    I've sold 3 iPhones to Music Magpie on eBay, all three transactions were completed without issue.

    But it's the internet I suppose, people like to think their own personal bad experience defines everyone else's as a whole.
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    Their customer service is non existent. Before they had a phone line and chat service but not they don’t have either.
    They sell 1000s of phones. Iv been buying from them for few years now including my family.

    Once they didn’t issue a refund for my brother as they held no card details so they kept the money until 3 months later I contacted them in his behalf. Shocking but still cheap phones where Iv returned phones and got another replacement few months later to upgrade once it’s faulty (edited)
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