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I’m going to start subscribing to a music streaming service and can’t quite make up my mind so any input would greatly be appreciated.

I’ve have Amazon Prime so have their basic music that comes with Amazon Prime but have never had their unlimited music.

I’ve had an Apple Music trial and do like Apple Music but as I have a lot of music that I’ve paid for from Apple, I would rather just keep that separate from any streaming service that I use.

I’m currently doing a Spotify trial and am really enjoying it and am finding a lot of music that I like so am tempted to stay with it but am just wondering what people here think of these streaming services?
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My daughter flits between them all on her iPhone moving from special offer to special offer. Many people set up family sharing on this website, so you can get a months Spotify for £2.50.

Im on android and I have unlimited data, so I use a cracked version of Spotify and Deezer that gives me (most - no offline playlists) for free.
We have a one user paid Amazon Music at £7.99pm

Three of us in the house.

We don't mind having shared playlists etc and it is not that often more than one of us wants to listen to something at the same time. If we do it just tells you.

If for example my son is streaming and I go to stream, it tells me it is playing on another device and would I like to stream on this device instead.

Even if streaming music on one device, you can still stream tune in radio on other devices.

I find the service great.

It is especially good if you have Amazon Echos at home.
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I've tried Deezer, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Music and Spotify.

Out of all of them, Spotify is heads over the winner. A good looking app good features like "crossfade" and overall a much more solid experience. Well worth the £9.99 p/m

My top 5 list.

1 Spotify
2. Google Music
3. Deezer
4. Apple Music
5 Amazon Music
Thanks for your replies. It’s great to have other people’s experience of them. 😃
I preferred deezer over all of them but my family prefer Spotify. Keep doing the free trials untill you decide
I use deezer. I signed up with a vpn in brazil, and went to the Brazilian site. I pay £3.29 per month that way. To be honest the only advantage to subscribing is to be able to download music.
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