Music Streaming Ideas Needed Please

    I'm very much the novice with these sort of things, and would appreciate any thoughts and advice.
    My dilemma is this, I have lots of music downloaded on my pc, and the wife wants to choose and listen to these tracks whilst in the kitchen.

    So simply what are my options, and what are the best prices for the equipment i will need?

    My only idea was to burn the tracks on a cd, purchase a music system and let her play them that way. This is a cheap way, but not very practical and I'm looking for other solutions.

    We don't have an mp3 player of any type, not even a stereo, just to prove how technologically slow we are.

    Any thoughts, ideas, best buys, etc are most appreciated.


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    psexyteddy;7167746 this … this article will help ya out ok

    Thanks, about to have my dinner - will have a read later - rep left.

    I've actually come across another option of a bluetooth speaker system like this -…vid

    Does anyone have any thoughts, reviews, etc of this option?

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