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Found 25th Jun
Hi all.

I recently purchased a Roku Streaming Stick+ from Amazon and while I'm generally happy with it, I've subsequently found out that Spotify have removed their app from Roku's OS as they 'plan to make it better'. Needless to say, it's been 6 months since that announcement, and I'm not very happy that despite it not returning in that time, Roku still advertise Spotify as one of the apps you can use.

Now I've been a Premium user of Spotify for a number of years. I'm genuinely not happy with the way in which Spotify have gone about this. On their community website, there's 9 pages of people asking for it to come back, and nothing from Spotify. They sent me a generic response on Twitter that may as well have been typed by a robot, so I'm basically left with 3 choice.

Abandon Roku. While it's technically not their fault, one of the primary reasons I purchased this device was because it had Spotify. I would of course use it to stream films from Netflix etc... but Spotify would probably account for at least 40% of my usage.

Abandon Spotify. Again, they've admitted that they've removed it 6 months ago (Dec '17) but their message hasn't changed since then. I could wait and hope it makes a return to Roku, but I'm frustrated that this has apparently gone on for over 6 months and nothing looks like it's been done. In fact, customers are claiming that certain emails they've received from Spotify indicate it may not be coming back after all.

Abandon both. Both companies have annoyed me. Greatly. I firmly believe that companies will never get the message unless customers start voting with their wallets instead of their mouths.

I know Amazon's devices support Spotify (I've used one), but I also know Amazon are due to release the Amazon Cube at some point, so probably wouldn't want to buy the Fire TV just now.

But I haven't tried any of Spotify's competitors. Deezer sounds good, and there's a few free trials (3 months) that have been posted on here I may very well sign up to.

Does anyone have any recommendations for either music streaming apps, or the devices they would like to share?

Thanks in advance.
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Deezer is similar to Spotify, if that works on your roku it seems a no brainer
I use Deezer, there are ways to transfer your playlists too
Thank you both for your feedback.

@RadiantDuck I'll look into that now thanks.
SamuraiHQ5 h, 3 m ago

Thank you both for your feedback.@RadiantDuck I'll look into that now …Thank you both for your feedback.@RadiantDuck I'll look into that now thanks.

Have a look at to transfer playlists. Deezer is great, especially with the Turkey/Philippines/Brazil VPN trick that makes it <£2 for individual and <£3 for family!
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