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    Can someone help?

    I had a music studio about ten years ago that I still have but is gathering dust in various places in the attic. I'm getting back into producing music and want to do what I did back then but use more modern technology - I have a Mac that I want to base everything around and maybe use some of the retro units through Midi to add a little extra.

    What's the best sequencing program out there that allows a modern take on old school retro sequencing? People are telling me Cubase is the way forward but before I make the purchase, I want to be sure.

    Retro kIt list (if this helps):

    1 x Akai S2000 sampler
    1 x Novation Basestation
    1 x Quad Effects
    1 x Yamaha CS1x
    1 x Roland XP-50 (that I used the onboard sequencer from)
    1 x Yamaha Electro Acoustic guitar
    1 x 12 channel Mackie mixing desk
    2 x SL1210 Turntables
    1 x Promark Mixer (for the turntables)
    1 x G4 IMac

    Be great if I could do everything based around the Mac.

    Any ideas would be great!


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    Original Poster Banned

    I heard about Pro Logic, might look into that.

    Pretty expensive though I hear?

    Cheers for the reply.

    It's so much a matter of tastes and everything, this, but for me, Cakewalk Sonar + Native Instruments Komplete 4 + EZdrummer are my three essential apps. Sonar, I get on with far better than I ever did with Cubase, Komplete just does pretty much everything I'm into (and more that I'm not, but like ot play with anyway just because it's such fun), and EZDrummer is an excellent drum machine. There's a demo available for Sonar, I think for EZDrummer too, and Komplete can be read up on at the website. There's way more than I can describe.

    Regarding your old G4, me, I'd just sell it and buy something newer. Maybe give Stigma a shout, and see if he'd part with his system for £150, which is a 1.86GHz Core2Duo with 4GB RAM and other stuff, which'd likely trounce the G4 for power. Even a 3GHz Pentium4 system from Gumtree shouldn't cost more than £50, and should give you far more possibilities and flexibility with your sounds.
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