Music videos blocked on YouTube

    Music fans will no longer be able to watch their favourite videos on YouTube after Google blocked viewings during a dispute over licensing.

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    Original Poster SuperEd

    I think they will have a hard time making this pan out. They rely on people flagging items rather than checking every single item uploaded. They don't have the manpower to supervise it.

    Also applies UK only....

    Use a proxy!!!

    Theres no way this could be done, some music videos have about 3-4 pages of uploaders, so they might be getting rid of a few, but it dosen't stop people uploading them, even if they are blocked a few days later.

    I've just had a search for several "official" videos - there are all still there! An over blown story if you ask me!

    people like universalgroup have a youtube account to upload their artists videos, best way to get exposure i say!

    everyone knows Google are evil

    People will still upload em, most people i know only use it for music !

    Also know people who use it for music, I don't get it really the sound quality is carp but they don't even seem to notice.

    Major Bummer!
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