Posted 7th Dec 2022
I sold my phone recently to Musicmagpie, sent the phone using QR code that Musicmagpie created. I further received emails from Musicmagpie that my item is on move and then another email on last Friday that order has been processed by Royal Mail and will reach Musicmagpie warehouse soon. I did not receive any further info till today so contacted Musicmagpie, the customer advisor says that the phone has reached Royal Mail Depot and not to MM warehouse. Further, he says that since it has been more than 7 days, they will need to initiate Claim process. They wanted phone serial number and Post office receipt. I don't have phone serial number but I have Post office receipt, so I gave them. I am worried now if I will get my money. Has anyone else faced this situation?
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    Whenever I’ve sold to MM they’ve always been slow to acknowledge they’ve received my items even though tracking says delivered, hopefully this will be the same in your case and within the next few days you will receive an email to say order received
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    Hopefully. but MM guys are saying they need to start claim process.
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    It could just be delayed because of the strikes, does the tracking say it's still with Royal mail?
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    Royal Mail tracking shows item delivered on 02nd Dec. But Musicmagpie says that Royal Mail delivers to the local Depot and from there it comes to MM warehouse. They say the phone has not come from Local deport to MM warehouse.
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    Did MM pay the postage? If so, then they should be responsible (and presumably it'll be insured). You should get the money, but it'll take a while due to the claim against Royal Mail. I wouldn't worry. (edited)
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    I had the same, had to wait xx days, can't remember exactly how long i had to wait.

    Luckily, i had the serial number of the phone, MM investigated, was then paid out full value for my phone.
  5. C0mm0d0re_K1d's avatar
    I'm not sure about the law or the contract you agreed to, when selling to them. But if you have proof of postage (which you've given them) and the tracking is showing it at the sorting office. I don't see how Its your fault or problem. It's royal mail who haven't delivered it yet. Probably due to Xmas post backlog and strikes. If it's been confirmed by royal mail they've lost it. Either you or mm would claim for it, I presume it was insured?

    I presume they don't pay out, till they've actually received it and tested it?
    Have you already had the money?

    I don't see how they can initiate a claim back, if you've not had the money yet. Maybe they ment, they are going to cancel the transaction, not pay you, and hopefully return the phone to you?

    I don't know if it applies in this case. But normally you need to allow a certain amount of time for post, like 7, 14 or 28 days, depending on what was in their T and C's you agreed to?
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    If MM provided the label they need to claim from Royal Mail. Its not your problem.
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    Hi, I am not in the exact same situation. Says delivered a week ago but MM claim to have not received it. They have told me they will need to file a claim if not found by Monday. Is it the original price of the device they will refund or what they offered to pay for it?

    Do you have an update?
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    They adored me for proof of purchase, I sent them the order confirmation email. Have not heard anything back from them after that. I will try to chase them tomorrow.
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