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Musicmagpie's new years £18 "boxsets for all" glitch - did they arrive?

Posted 10th Jan 2023 (Posted 3 h, 14 m ago)
Everyone remember when around Dec 30th musicmagpie made a huge price mistake dropping everything to £18-ish?

I bought two - one via their own website, another via eBay. Missed out on most of the prime picks like the £130 A-Team boxset as someone jumped in and bought 5.

The website one had an email a week ago telling me about a problem supplying it due to supplier problems (so using an excuse of "we never had it in the first place') and I'd get a refund. eBay was marked as dispatched right after new years, so that looked promising. It doesn't arrive so I contact them today and get told "sorry there's a technical problem, we'll send a refund."

Did anyone have their "bargain" arrive or were all orders cancelled?
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    I recieved my 5 A-team, but still waiting on my 10 Star Trek unfortunately (edited)
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    I didn't order anything so I haven't received anything yet, but you never know (edited)
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    No, was it posted, must have missed it, any link to it on here? (edited)
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