Must haves for swimming in open water

Found 8th Feb
I am thinking about swimming outdoor in open waters, I have done this before but just in a small pond not something massive or for long\deep enough...

anyone into this and have a list of must haves ?

thanks in advance
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The ability to swim!
Shark radar
Don't go alone, springs to mind. Other than that have warm clothes, possibly electrically heated clothes, as some sort of treatment for exposure. Oh and a good life insurance policy (not a joke, check the terms and conditions for whatever you have as it may be excluded from cover).
I swim in open water (as I am a triathlete)

I only swim with a group and there is always a support boat/canoe in the water at all times, a swimming wetsuit is a must unless you're training to cross the Channel. Acclimatising yourself and getting your breathing under control before you set off is paramount.
Have you got a sea swimming club near you? Or even a tri club? Getting along there, make some friends, enjoy yourself and be safe
Nice knowing you ,ask robson green he loves it
Look out for Uganda knuckles
A David Walliams mask.

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