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Found 6th Nov 2007
This is for people who believe that they will get their tvs why?

My reason is when i called up i got a very reasonable explanation unlike the one below ,l so i started to believe!! They could have easily given me the reason below but THEY CHOSE NOT TO!!

As the night close down on the Earth like gray dark rings
Light of cities in the nights, destination for Kings
with big dreams, like Castro, overthrew Bautista
from Cuba, and pointed nukes toward the U.S.
About to shoot us for revolution; that's how you gotta move
A lot of rules, some locked in solitude!

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This is my way of saying that we can easily make up reasons as why this site is scam or not. THose who ordered including me took the plunge and majority are infact optimistic of getting it.\" So this thread for the believers!!

There's no need to make another thread... :roll:

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I'm like the farmer, plantin words, people are seeds
My truth is the soil; help you grow like trees

So believe , believe in my 32 inch lcd tv for 100!

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