MW2: host migration

    It seems that this problem is getting worse. Half my games seem to end in host finding and sometimes it fails. Is it my connection or is it out of my hands?


    are you on live or psn? I've seen a few over the past week on live

    i noticed a few on psn last week too

    I've found that since the new map pack came out on live that I keep losing connection...or changes host a few times during a game.


    Bugs in Modern warfare 2 :?

    Original Poster

    PSN my NAT is set to strict.

    almost every time I connect my broadband kicks out and has to re-set. Also since the new map pack. Doesnt happen any other time

    I've noticed it a lot lately on PSN :?

    They give you £25 for this in HMV :thumbsup:
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