MW2 PC prices?

I'm yet to find anything to do with the PC version of this game on the net? anyone seen any good deals?

Hated putting this up tbh, people/mods must be bloody sick of seeing this name!

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Personally wouldn't touch them, but people say they are quick. £24.99

I'm looking for MW2 PC in-store prices, why do most supermarkets only stock ps3/360?

i pre ordered it from coolshop last week and they sent me an email last night to say it had been packed

Adam2050;6845708 wouldn't touch them, but people say they are quick. £24.99

After reading all the comments, it seems like they're being a pain about the XB/PS3 versions, but I've yet to hear anyone complain about the PC one. Fingers crossed

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Cheers Adam (as ever m8 ;))
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