EXPIRED and (same bunch) - Are they bust?

    Been waiting for a Nintendo Joypad from this lot for quite a while.

    I notice a lack of spam from them recently and the 'Stock waiting' emails have stopped. They have been throwing out vouchers by the bucket load recently.

    There sites are down for 'temporary updating' - yeah heard that before.

    Are these boys in administration?


    . I used them a couple of times myself, and they were quite good. Looks like its gone bust as their website is down which is strange, and the fact you have not receive your item!!......:?

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    Used Directfoto a few times with no probs in the past. Oh well...., annoying cos they must have known there was problems when they took the order, but it happens. Too small an amount of money to waste effort attacking my credit card company over.

    just put in a dispute with your credit card.... They should refund you within 7days, its quite easy. Money is money no mater how small !!!............:-D

    According to the Guernsey registry, MX2 Computers Ltd has started winding up proceedings as of 7 May and the MX2 and related websites (directfoto and photoglossy) have been down all week that I can see. Not sure who is the contracting party when you buy off directfoto - is it MX2 or is it directfoto Ltd (which hasn't started winding up). It may be academic anyway - plus your cc company should be able to sort out.

    You should be able to check the Guernsey registry here....…lse

    Directfoto have had a dodgy service for years, I had terrible problems with them a couple of years ago.

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