my 16gb 3gs [white] and a ps3 for a iphone 4?

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Found 13th Aug 2010
ok i have a apple iphone 3gs 16gb in white and a 80 gb ps3 the old model the iphone is unboxed as i misplaced it !!

im a tech geek and hardly use my ps3 and im really wanting a iphone 4

would i be crazy in offering both of these for a brand new iphone 4? who would be getting the better deal?

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I personally wouldn't accept the offer, doesn't quite match the value of an iphone 4, well not for me anyway

I would agree with above, Iphone 4 are around £500, the price of your items are for example around £280 for the iphone ( optimistic) depending on condition and around £140/150 (again optimistic) making your top line figure £430-450 ish i would say.

Besides agreeing with simplyjimbo and asayer I would also add that other than looks what advantage would you gain in having a 4 to a 3gs? I will answer this one myself and say none!! keep your iphone and ps3 and wait until the 4 goes down next year if you still really want one.
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The screen resolution is far superior on an iphone 4 but is is worth an extra £200?? at this moment I wouldnt.

It has been proven in speed test that the iphone 4 is not that faster than the 3GS (nowhere near like the difference between the 3G and 3Gs).

I would wait

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just played a online game of fifa 10 dammmn forgot how good it was !! imgoing to wait till my 3gs contract finishes in 11 months and see whats about then


No way, PS3 brand new costs £200(£250 brand new)

iphone 3gs is like £350 brand new
So ps3 + 3gs = £550

iphone 4 brand new is £500

You know it makes sense, you would be crazy to do it.


No way, PS3 brand new costs £200(£250 brand new)iphone 3gs is like £350 br … No way, PS3 brand new costs £200(£250 brand new)iphone 3gs is like £350 brand newSo ps3 + 3gs = £550iphone 4 brand new is £500You know it makes sense, you would be crazy to do it.

Think you missed the part that the PS3 is the older model and the 3GS has no box, so in all their combined value is way way under your valuation.
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