My 1st Ebay Attempt to Sell! - Help Please

Hi All

Ive just put up for sale for the first time on Ebay. Its been about 15mins and I cant find my listing?

Can anyone tell me how long it is before people can see it on Ebay?



it usually takes a little while, i wouldnt worry.

Could take anything up 2 hours.
Funny time to finish.

Original Poster

Thanks both, was getting really worried as it still isnt there! +++rep


Could take anything up 2 hours.Funny time to finish.

Might be selling ebooks on Insomnia ?? :giggle:


Thanks both, was getting really worried as it still isnt there! +++rep

Have you got an item number deal ? I'll have a search for it if you like

Was a serious offer BTW.
Did you get a listing confirmed email from ebay ? If so there should be a url on it. Click on that and it should take you to the auction.

Or just click "Selling" under My Ebay. It should show straight away.
Tried copying and pasting the title of your auction and searching it?

Original Poster

Hi Guys, it is there now, just takes ages.

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