My 360 Broke!! Again :(

    My 360 just totally broke yesterday. Was playing pro with my brother and it crashed, reset it and the three red lights came on. When i broke my older 360 i sent it to MS for repair, can i still do that now even though i dont have a receipt? (Can't really find the receipt has been a long time lol)

    Any help appreciated! Thanks!!!


    What is the manufacture date? Should be on the back of it

    If its still under the 3 year warrenty you can, if you've had a previous problem with it then I'm sure they'd just replace the console tbh.

    lol, i dont think the 360 has been out for 3 years yet. has it?

    no idea ive only had mine since august and its broke once. but glad i didnt buy a ps3.

    Original Poster

    Its a different console to the one they originally repaired for me. I bought a new one. 2006-07-28 Thats the manufacture date on the back of the console.

    I understand now why some people buy a PS3 lol.

    You should be fine to phone up and get it repaired. I've been kinda lucky, had 2 360s and neither have broken down, of course I was unlucky with the 1st one being nicked
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