My 6 year old wants a drone for Xmas.

Found 9th Nov 2017
I don't know anything about them really so just looking for some suggestions...
Ideally I'd want it to be easy to fly/control and long batterylife/quick charge... Oh and cheap lol I saw the Santa drone but 5min flying time didnt seem very good.. but like I said- don't know much about them!
Thanks in advance!
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The long battery life on a cheap drone may be the issue here but you can quite often buy spare batteries to usb charge for peanuts. For a 6 year old and being a first drone, it is going to get bashed, smashed and crashed - no doubt about it, so when searching, use the phrase “quadcopter” as well as drone, as some are built more robustly with propeller guards, which you’ll thank me for later! I am guessing they won’t be bothered if the drone has a camera or not, so you may get one with slightly better flying features without. I would personally buy a starter/beginner drone from a more reputable source like Amazon, as you’ll know what you’re getting, will no doubt have a guarantee and you can return it if there’s a problem. They will also sell the spare batteries too. Also consider the size of the drone. They do “mini” versions that measure from just a couple of inches across (which are good fun indoors, not so fun out) to the basic versions of around a foot in diameter, naturally more expensive ones can be larger still - but size does matter (so I’ve been told in the past) so if it’s going to get blown away with the slightest bit of wind outside, bear that in mind.…amp
Bear in mind, it must be flown at least 50 metres away from people and private property, and 150 metres from “crowds and built up areas.”
Read more at…402
You can get ones with plastic cages around them that also let it function as a wheel you can drive around. That's the safest bet for a 6 year old, otherwise expect injuries.
Thanks for your replies, very helpful- I'll have a look on Amazon and see what might be best suited ^_^
Not sure if it was on here I saw one, ducted fans to protect the blades and an ok indoor/outdoor flyer and with a flip trick function - oh that was the 5 minutes one, the Furibee F36 from Gearbest - certainly cheap enough for a first drone though on offer at £7.63
I would not use gearbest if I was you as I was going to buy something from them but checked the reviews on trust pilot never seen so many say they had no received the order, not to be trusted I believe
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