My 720p LCD capable of Full HD?

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Found 16th Jan 2008
Hi All

I have gone from VGA to HDMI when connecting laptop via HDMI. Its a Sony Vaio and it does have a Full HD 1080 sticker on it, although max res is 1280 x 800.

With my new cable, I am able to set the resolution of my TV to 1920 x 1080.

Does than mean my LCD is capable of Full HD now? It certainly looks it, resolution is great, can see so much on the screen.


sounds like 1080i

Do you mean your LCD TV is 720p HD? If it is, than that setting would be displaying 1080i as ctuk says above, not full 1080p

Agreed, 1080i. Same as my tv.

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Cheers guys, must be 1080i

1080i is better than 720p right? In terms of pic quality?

depends what you are watching, if you are watching a fast moving sport where objects change quickly then 720p is better, but to be honest you really can tell that much difference unless you are holding a magnifying glass to the screen (slight over exaggeration)

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Cheers guys.

Will stick with 720p when watching films as its only a 32 inch anyway.

But the 1080 resolution is amazing when on the laptop. Can see so much! 51 tracks on single itunes window!

Not sure how you can badge a 1280x800 laptop as full HD as that's barely 720p, full HD or 1080p is twice that resolution.

edit - actually I guess if it's got an hdmi capable of WUXGA then it can drive a 1080p TV


John.. how is your HP swivel screen laptop?

Heya, I think you've mixed me up with someone else - only Dell/Sony laptops here


Full Hd is 1080p so it should be able to output at that.

Yes - some TVs will take a 1080p signal and downsample it to 720p although I doubt there's much quality improvement when the TV itself is only displaying a resolution of 1280x720.

I was thinking the full HD was misleading when the laptop screen could only display 720p (WUXGA laptops on the other hand can display 1080p internally) but I was forgetting about the about which should be capable of WUXGA over the digital video out.


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I have no idea what you said there John lol.

But yeah, I found it misleading? Defo says Full HD 1080. Funny thing is, right next to it says 15.4 WXGA (1280 x 800) X-Black LCD.

I think it means it can output 1080p to a 1080p compatible TV although its own screen is limited to 720p.

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