My aunt is in hospital with a broken hip...

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Found 6th Dec 2008
My 85 year old Aunt is currently in hospital after suffering a fall on the ice last week and as a result has a broken hip and elbow.

At the moment she is as chirpy as ever but I am struggling to keep my emotions hidden from her at the moment. I think it hits me how she is 'trapped' in a hospital as she is one of the most active 85 year olds you could ever meet, always walking up to Asda and back! I just don't think she will ever be the same again after the operation at such an elderly age ... She was planning a trip back to her home - Ireland in a few weeks but that is now obviously off the cards, and she is probably going to be spending all Christmas recovering.

Also brings back flashbacks of the moments my uncle and grandad passed away.

Sorry about this post I just had to get my thoughts onto paper somehow as I want to remain positive which is proving difficult at the moment

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Best wishes and Merry Christmas

hope she is better soon my nan is in hospital after having a stroke so i know how you feel x x x

Best wishes, Merry Christmas, Hope your Gran gets better soon, Same to you Angelstar

Sorry to hear this.My mum fractured her arm in august and chose to wait out natural healing, she is 90 so i sympathise but the thing is at that age they need a lotta help and frankly the best place is in hospital as they get the attention they need and after all you cant carrry their pain.keep chirpy and try to enjoy xmas even though it is a worry:santa: Hope she feels better soon :thumbsup:

I hope that she gets better soon.
The thought of being able to go home will give her something to aim for and look forward to and will no doubt improve her rate of recovery.
Also a 'get well soon' to Angelstar's granny.

If she is a very active lady she will make a point of recovering as quickly as possible - believe me I know

Bring the Christmas she loves to her

OP and Angelstar - Hope your nans get well soon.
It's such a pain to walk on ice.:x Last week I slipped when crossing the road. It was so embarassing, but only for 2 seconds. Hubby who came rushing to give me a hand slipped as well and we laughed all the way:w00t::-D


hope she gets better soon, hospital is the best place and i'm sure in time she will get back to her self, but it will take a knock on her confidence, but this can soon be re-built in time

send our love and christmas cheer x

She might not be in for Xmas, she has a couple of weeks to recover yet.

I hope her recovery is not going to be too much of a struggle, she sounds like a determined lady. The biggest problem will be confidence. The elderly lose this very easily and it is the skill of the nurses and physiotherapists to prevent this as much as possible.

I hope she bounces back with no complications

please make sure she has her physio and sticks to it ridgidly. My ma-in-law had a hip replacement after a fall 5 years ago and because the op happened in Brighton whilst she was on holiday, when she got back to Leicester for some reason all the paperwork etc didnt follow and she was never given any physio until over a year after (and that was only after numerous letters and phonecalls) by then it was too late and she has never fully recovered. Very sad as she was so sprightly for her age before and now suffers chronic back pain.
As long as her determiantion and physio is in place she will be back to normal soon x

my 89 year old granny did the same a few years ago. she still goes out, does the same things she did before ie get really drunk, im telling the truth, she drank me under the table the year after she broke her hip. that generation are very stoic, having company in hospital will be good for her.
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