My Avatar will not display anymore...?…gif

    Above is/was my avatar, does anyone have any idea why it doesn't display anymore on here, it is only a 4.36 KB (4,472 bytes) anim gif of man head-butting keyboard in orange & black....

    it used to be ok prior to the recent site update... ?

    Any ideas ???? :?


    Have you tried uploading it again?

    Original Poster


    Have you tried uploading it again?

    Yep, umteen times... no change...

    strange.... :?

    ooh i like this one

    never mind banging your head on a desk... how about headbanging platoon style!!!

    arghhhhhh rayman u have given me rsi!!!!

    spent far too long on rotten tomatoes lookin at all the cool avatars people have made!! lol

    Hehe don't blame me :roll: It's Rotten Tomatoes fault :razz:
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