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    At long last folks iv managed to get rid of my Visa Electron bank card, im with Bank of scotland and they offered me a Visa Debit card.....
    I thought that WAS the same as the Electron but apparently not, at last this is a card i can use ALL over the net for ordering things!, no more " sorry we dont accept this card" lol

    Iv also been given a £100 overdraft which i will never use, has anyone got this account and can you tell me a bit more about it?
    Is it just a normal account or is it more advanced than an electron acount?


    electrons are basic visas especially for people with little or no credit background and for those with poor credit risks

    BOS is a poor current account, try Nationwide for less charges or A&L for their interest rate.

    Sometimes you can have a cheque book with it but most shops now don't even takes cheques.It will have a hologram on back if its is and will say the amount like £100 etc.
    Its not really any different from the Electron cards apart from more and more places take the Visa Debit unlike the Electron. Electron card does come in useful at times though,so I have kept mine.Like when I bought tickets think it was from Easy Jet,there was certain charges for different cards,and even charges for Visa Debit,but for Electron there wasn't,think it was their site. As for your overdraft,well if you did want to use it and increase it they probably let you,these days anyone can get credit!
    Its useful to have a few types of card I find anyway.

    electrons can't be used abroad

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    cool cheers for the input guys

    I have to say i'm with B.o.S. 3-4 years now and can't fault them, once or twice i got notified of charges for barely going overdrawn, a quick visit to my branch and it was canceled.
    Also the ]online banking is a must!!! The best and easiest way to keep track of and create payments and standing orders, also track who has direct debits from your account. Always great to keep track of your money to watch for fraud. :thumbsup:

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    Yes the internet banking is superb with them
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