Found 19th Feb 2010
Cutting Edge Channel 4 Thurs. Anyone see it? Made Katie Price's wedding look like the height of sophistication! Married at 16 or they are considered over the hill and no nookie before the big day. Anything for us to learn from their moral values? But don't call them Pik**s!

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I watched this last night and thought how stupid that girl looked with that massive wedding dress on trying to get into the smallest door for the horse and carraige.

Each to their own really, but I still walk the other way if I see a group of them stood talking, They scare me, but then thats just the image we are all given as we grow up about gypsies.

I actually think the community came off well, working at marriages, no drugs etc.

But i suppose the makers were scaed to show it any differently!!


LOL at those tags! You missed hotchi kotchi !!!


"no nookie before the big day"

thats a big lie, they are normally a mum of 5 by then.

that and being the local drug dealing family, and calling themselves 'travelers' when they wont go away!
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