Hi everyone. It's my birthday on April 23rd. I'm giving you advanced warning so that you can all buy me really ace presents.

    So, I expect some stuff through my door a week on Saturday!! Also, you can post a happy birthday note here. Let's see if anyone remembers to post a message, I'm saying nothing of it until then (unless you want my postal address :wink: ).


    Happy Birthday for then

    Nice + subtle hint duckmagicuk2

    I'll try to remember, but we'll see :lol:


    Happy Birthday for then

    hehe nice.

    duckmagicuk2 - DON'T READ THIS UNTIL APRIL 23!

    ******Happy Birthday!******

    Original Poster

    That's cheating.

    duck magic you weren't meant to read pauls message until 23rd august!!

    Original Poster

    I'm not waiting until AUGUST!! LOL. 23rd April.

    oooops! silly me! i meant april

    Original Poster

    ::COUGH:: ::COUGH:: ::AHEM::

    [color=darkblue]SubtleDuck should be your ID lol.[/color]

    [size=7][color=blue]HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUCKMAGICUK2[/color][/size]

    [color=darkblue]Hope it's been a good one![/color]

    Original Poster

    Thanks Rayman. I was getting a bit worried that no one would post anything!!

    happy birthday ducky

    ^^^ ace is bored and exhuming old threads

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