My boyfreinds bday - snowboard help

    OK so its my boyfreinds birthday and i want to get him a snowbaord, he went last yr but just hired but i dont know anything about them, i dont want to spend too much as hes not that good but wnats his own one with biddings. please men help me!!!


    Are you after boots etc also or just the board?

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    erm well he has boots, just the board and bindings i think

    sorry cant help you as such we bought them last year out of jjbs sport shop doubt what your after we paid 12.99 in the sale

    If you only do a little boarding a secondhand one will do. Have a look here.


    There is a very good guide here -…htm

    My advice would be to take him along so he could try it out and feel comfortable on the board before you buy

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    ye looked but none near me, hmmmm will try ebay

    Where are you based? :thumbsup:

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    aberdeenshire, scotland

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    aw help me people!!!

    Bit far away I have a set of vouchers i am selling for braehead arena snowboarding, would have been handy.
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