My broken camera repair help pweaseeeeeee

    Ive got a Fuji Z20fd but to got wet very very wet!! (blooming manchester!! and take that!!)

    any ideas where i can get a cheap repair?? Fuji want £88!!!! i only payed £110 for it :s its only 4 months old and has served its purpose well and could do without A) buying a new pac-a-cam B) paying idiotic prices to have it fixed

    thanks you loves you!!


    you're never gonna get it fixed cheap if its been subject to water damage. Best thing to do it to flog it as faulty, spares etc and put whatever you get from it towards a brand new one.

    You can buy a 2 year superwarranty for your camera direct from Fuji for £12.50 for 2 years :thumbsup:

    Your Fujifilm policy covers all parts and labour for the life of the … Your Fujifilm policy covers all parts and labour for the life of the policy. The policy not only covers breakdown, but[COLOR=Blue] includes damage as the result of an accident [COLOR=Red]such as water[/COLOR], sand or impact. [/COLOR] As the manufacturer we take pride in our servicing and have the benefit of Fujifilm trained highly skilled and dedicated technicians to take care of your camera.[COLOR=Blue]The Fujifilm SuperWarranty is for new cameras within 12 months of date of purchase[/COLOR] or Fujifilm approved refurbished cameras. Policyholders must be resident in the UK.…nty

    I would buy a new one that takes the same battery then al least you have a spare battery and charger for when you are on holiday etc or you could even sell the battery and charger on ebay,Just remeber if you ever had to buty a spare battery a genuine one would set you back £40

    just check your household insurance, if you have accidental damge to conyents then it may be covered. It wilol depend what you excess is whether or not its worth it

    Do they still sell these in argos?


    Dishonest bunch...

    Original Poster


    Do they still sell these in argos?:whistling:

    yeah but not in limited edition white GRRRRRRRRRRR :x :lol:


    Innovative bunch...

    Yep..totally agree :thumbsup:
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