My brother needs a contract phone looking for a good deal on a contract phone for my brother,i read a post with a few 3 deals in does anyone know where its gone. He doesnt want to pay more than £20 though. Any advice anyone



    Hi Jim,
    Have a look through here:-

    Jim have a look at the nokia 6300 with £590.00 of excess value under deals
    I ordered mine today

    Theres alot of 12month free cashback deals if you can be bothered with claiming the cashback. You get mobile and nice 12months contract for free.
    Check: coolnewmobile, mobile outlet, phones2udirect,, 3mobilephones, phoneboxdirect.
    Be sure to read terms and conditions for cashback and go through quidco to get upto £40 cashback as well.

    Original Poster

    thanks everyone for the advice,the problem my brother has is that hes txt mad,he uses about 800 txt a month;girlfriend and mates lol. hes on a genie 02 sim at the moment.he has one of them anniversary dates where if you top up on that date or something along those lines he gets 300 free messsages.But because hes txting ALL the time my mum ends up toping his phone up about 4/5 times a month (£40-£50 average),so its becoming a joke now. Weve been looking for a price plan that will offer him loads of txts and some minutes (600+ txts and something like 250+ mins).but my mum doesnt like contract phones at i think shes after a good deal on pay as you go. Does anyone know any good deals out there that will give you lots of txts but doesnt require you to top up like 4 times a month. sorry for the life story lol.
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