my brothers pc sounds like a washing machine..........................

    a.........does anyone know what is happening? it seems it won't start and when he held the phone to it for me it did indeed sound like a washing machine clanking along.'ll cost him god knows how much to have it checked over, seeing as he only uses it for internet and office based activity, can anyone recommend a nice cheap base station or tft package for him? there's one in asda for £197 with a 16" monitor but wonder if there's anything better out there?



    prob needs a good clean the fans will need to be checked that they have not become lose etc

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    he reckons he had a look inside and everything seemed plugged in okay - mind, he's useless so that can possibly be taken with a drum of salt.


    prob needs a good clean the fans will need to be checked that they have … prob needs a good clean the fans will need to be checked that they have not become lose etc

    Yes, this happend with me. ended up having to replace a fan because it was old.

    Backup any important data on the hard drive in case it's that, though.

    Also worth checking out the hard drive: ]http//ww…tml

    It could also be the problem

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    i asked him about the hard drive, suggesting he just put it in another system and bin the old system. he says he's already done this. so, possibly not the hard drive unless he's talking cack.

    i'll check the fan when i next see him.

    presumably a fan problem may automatically stop the system from loading?

    i'm not a complete technophile - would his system even start if it didn't have a hard drive in it?

    thanks for advice

    No, the operating system will not load without the hard drive in it.

    A fan either on the motherboard, graphics card, or power supply, could stop the system from loading if the processor is overheating, or the power supply is failing.

    Good luck

    if it is the fan and it's randomly crashing/booting then it could be a dust build up on the motherboard/cards/fans, tell him to get an aerosol cleaner and spray the entire inside to get rid of any dust which could be shorting it (I've had this before).

    Is he running Hotpoint instead of Powerpoint........or perhaps it just needs a Service

    The system will work perfectly without a hard drive, obviously you won't get into the operating system as that's stored on the disk and in the absence of anything else to run (such as a bootable CD) all it'll display after the POST is a message along the lines of 'no system disk found'.

    The only two non-solid state components inside the PC are the hard drive and fans so if you are getting mechanical churning noises it's almost certainly one of those.

    could be the psu...

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    thanks folks

    antenna - you're a true hoot!!

    cheers all

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    thanks folks - faulty psu
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