My car was iced up on the inside!

Got in and geez it took me ages to clear it,a sheet of ice on the inside of the windscreen,any ways known to stop it happening?

must track down a hard top asap i think!


hehe - buy a motorbike? Expect cold hands though!

Blimey where do you live! Didn't know it was that cold today!

No ice in Portsmouth this morning... it's actually sunny at the moment.

Yes 5 mins away from home turn the hot air to cold and blast it round the car to dry it out from all the moisture and it should be ok the following morning. Its not a nice experience but better than scraping ice first thing in the morning!

you could sleep in the car, the warmth from your body may stop Ice build up.

I was told when I complained that my car had ice on the inside of windscreen that some of the car seals must have gone, so I just have to plan to leave even earlier to sit in the car with all the fans on full blast till it clears. Still once the car is nice n toasty it's lovely to drive off and see the sun come up over frost covered fields! So perhaps go to a local garage and see if it's possible to get the door and window resealed? Not sure as I've never ventured that far, just put up with it....for now.

[*]Cover windscreen on freezing nights. Up here it's not uncommon to see people with cardboard, carpet, etc on windscreen overnight.
[*]When you are returning home, open your window for the last five minutes of your journey because it is the water vapour in a warm car that freezes at night.[/LIST]

Before you leave your car in the evening switch off aircon, and click on the air circulate button. This should work or if not then the air controls off altogether.

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thanks all,will give the try the circulate air for the last 5 mins a try and see if that helps,its recently had the soft top and all seals refitted so im hoping thats not the problem
oh and im in andover,hampshire and the sun is now shining

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hehe - buy a motorbike? Expect cold hands though!

think i shall pass on that,the one and only time i got on hubbys bike i got thrown off it and the bike landed on my ankle,luckily the bike wasnt going very fast at the time but geez that hurt like crazy lol

he was more worried about the stae of his beloved bike than my ankle lolol

Do you live in the outer hebrides or something ??!!

It's sunny here and I even have washing out !!

Your car is definitely haunted:w00t:
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