My Car's knocking diesel back like Flintoff

    My car is supposed to do 49mpg, have just refilled to work out its only doing 22.5mpg, Only had the car (04 plate) a few months. still in warranty.

    (did 280 miles from full tank to running on fumes £66 - 56.5 litres used)

    I know driving styles vary etc, but what could be wrong mechanically?
    Would hooking it up to one of those bosch diagnostic machines be any good? Its got FSH etc and 50k on the clock....


    Check the last time it had a service (oil, air filter etc)

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    its a manual, always driven a manual, better mpg (apart from mine!)

    What type of driving are you doing?

    Motorway, around town, mixture? You normally get 3 x mpg based on how you are driving.

    What car is it?
    I've got a 2.2 diesel Mondeo and have never had worse than 40 mpg. I usually get 550 miles on a tank, pretty much exactly the size of your tank.
    Does it smoke a lot? I could be an injector problem.

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    I drive for a living, a full tank would always last me a month, its only lasting 2 weeks (if I run it on fumes) 2.0 diesel 49mpg on parkers guide. I knew something was up (visiting the petrol station far too often) but havent worked out the cost until today. No smoke, no obvious faults? Is the diagnostic check worth looking into? Just wondering if the mix is too strong.
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