My cat's pregnant...

    Banned do we have to take her to the vet at any time or do they just pop out?
    She's only a tiny thing so I don't want to not do something a jeopardise the whole thing.

    Any tips of what we should be doing?


    Nature is wonderful...Its only humans that wreck it. The cat will find a little area and give birth without help and one morning you will wake and see her..Good Luck

    my mums cat has just had kittens, dont think she took her to the vet, when she was giving birth my mum stayed up all night with her and put them in a box, there so cute and a few weeks old now.

    is there a stream near you?

    and then get her neutered :thumbsup:

    what are you going to do with the kittens ?

    Splash of olive oil, garlic, etc.....
    OK I will get my coat...

    can i adopt ur cat

    do u know when the kittens are due ?

    I suppose you'll use protection next time;-)

    Please neuter your cat after she gives birth.


    I suppose you'll use protection next time;-)


    i think you should get you cat checked out at the vets as my mum's cat has 4 fluffy newborns well 4 weeks old and when we found out she was pregnant we took her to the vets and they gave her a once over and made sure she had been wormed,also a vitamin injection to help babies etc i know kittens are born with worms but get mummy checked out, also how old is mum to be? i love kittens and has breed in the past so if you need any advice pm me and congratulations.


    Please neuter your cat after she gives birth.

    she can be neutered whilst she is pregnant if you dont want the kittens especially ideal if your cat is really young and you are worried that it might kill her? We had both of our cats neutered while in early pregnancy we couldnt look after the kittens and they were only 5 months old themselves, do consider it though as there are so many adult cats that need homes there is no need for more kittens, unless you are sure you can rehome them or plan to keep them:)

    Original Poster Banned

    Poppy is about 20 months old and I'd say she's due in about 4 weeks.

    We've been told just to find a warm place somewhere away from her brother (because he is likely to interfere).

    I understand those asking fro the cat to be neutered after, and we planned to let her have one let of kittens before we did this. All kittens will be going to loving homes.

    Thanks for the info!
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