my celcus tv repeatedly turns itself off after anout 15 minutes, iv tried the remotes batteries and the plug and it crill does it, i dont know what else to do

Found 5th Jan 2017
I need advice on what else i can do


Check in settings as it may have an eco setting which turns the set off after a set may be set to switch off after 15mins

Have you checked the standby timer / sleep settings ?

My nan used to hit the side of her TV with her slipper and shout obscenities when I was a kid. That used to fix it.

Don't laugh, but do you have a budgie?

Its the settings oO Read your manual and it will tell you the standby settings ( eg "go to standby after 15/30/45/60 mins of inactivity) (ie if no button pressed on RC) If you just switch the tele on and do the rest via your Sky box it will always do this . Adjust the eco mode settings on the tele (I have mine set to 4 hours) or push any button on the RC every 15 minutes (I have to do it every 4 hours ) . Certainly nothing to do with the plug or the RC Batteries
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Don't laugh, but do you have a budgie?

That was when RCs worked on sound -I think they are all infra red these days .

only watch it for 10 minutes at a time. I think that should fix it oO ...

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Better hope it dont get stuck on UK gold as well. And thats sainsburys for you.
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Your best bet, after checking the sleep settings, is to contact Celcus. It could be a bad /missing software update amongst many other options.

One question - once the TV powers off can it be instantly powered back on or is there a delay before it will power back on?

I just remembered my Samsung does this if my monster power unit needs switching off and on again.. I don't know why.. it's only done it twice but I was just glad it was not my TV at fault. So if you're using an extension or surge protection check / test / reset it.. that may fix it.

Could be a dry joint or IC. As the TV warms up the internals expand and tv turns off.
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