my cooker blew up!

Posted 4th Nov 2009
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I would think it depends on how old it is as they won't cover wear and tear. However, if the cooker blowing up set your kitchen alight you'd have no problem in claiming.
we did when ours "blew up ", it was a gas cooker, the wife turned it on clicked the clicker to light it & a bloody great big flame shot out of the knob !!! scorched the worktop slightly, wasnt too worried about that but rang the insurance company up & they replaced the cooker :thumbsup:
Just wondering what you mean by 'blew up'? Is it an electric fan oven by any chance? If so, the heating element can go with a bang and blow a mini hole in the element. It blew the door open on my oven when it went.

If it's this, the cooker will be ok and you can buy a new element from £10 - 20 and easily fitted. they last around 3-4 years on average.
I'm talking about the heating elements for electric fan ovens. Well I don't actually have a degree or on-going research programme about cooker elements, but I read a number of reviews/opinions/feedback in some of the forums and online spare part retailer websites. You see a lot of people saying 'thanks, easily changed the part, and quoting approx 3-4 year lifespan'. As a results it gave me the confidence to change my own Creda (Hotpoint, Zanussi) in my oven a year or so back and that was about 5 years old.

Yes, I'm sure someone will have stories of theirs lasting 6 months and someone else 20 years. Depends on use and quality of the part, it was a general observation from the quotes online. The elements seem to range from £10 to £20 and can be obtained from many online stores and Ebay retailers. Would easily cost £80+ for someone to turn up and repair it. Hopefully that explains, it was meant to be a general point to help the OP, so what's your point?
Well hopefully people will rationalise that, the guarantee is only a year and maybe you could argue in a court a cooker should last at least 5 years but I doubt people would be scared to buy them. It is true though that those with issues voice them louder. Actually in the context of what I am talking about most people were filled with joy and achievement that they had done the repairs themselves for a fraction of the cost of an engineer coming out.
Was a waste of time discussing, OP wasn't interested in the thread anyway.
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