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My cross cut paper shredder works in reverse only?

Posted 13th Jan 2014
abit of advice needed...my asda 8 sheet cross cut shredder was working fine..now only works in reverse..I think it may be a sensor issue but not sure how to fix it. ...any info appreciated. .Thanks
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Is there a button on it to change from forward to reverse?
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Turn it upside down then try.
yes there is button
upside down does nothing
works fine in reverse. .no paper jammed
So if you feed in lots of shreds will it turn it back into a whole sheet of paper?
ha ha! just saying its not the actual machine
cant locate a sensor and don't know if there is any other way to fix it
There may be an internal overload switch which if the motor senses too much stress it reverses the drive.Have you an issue where you loaded too much paper into the device and it reversed?
Return it to Asda
no issue with overload or overheating. .have had it for over 2 years no probs
By reverse I think you mean the unjamming switch, where it reverses the direction of the paper. The sensor is usually a very small piece of plastic in the middle of the slot, if you shine a torch in it, can you see this little arm sticking out? If not, then it is likely it has broken or fallen off, they are flimsy but in all fairness they are only there to activate a little switch when paper is stuck in, if you look at the slot and there is nothing there, that is most likely the issue.
looks like that may be it..Thanks for all the help
looks like it went into hibernation! !
decided to start working again today
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