my dad vs citroen garage lol

    Dads citroen c5 estate hasnt long had its 60k service,he always puts it into the citroen garage in salisbury and spends a fortune on the darn thing.

    Just recently (both before & after the service) the car keeps displaying anti pollution fault light and the engine cuts and you lose steering/braking and the car wont start for approx an hour and half,this has caused near misses when its happened whilst motorway driving.

    Yesterday it happened for the 8th time and it cut out half way up a hill causing yet another dangerous situation,the car has been into the citroen garage and they said"the car showed no faults" on their diagnostic machine,it also had a 60k service.
    The AA guy towed dad to a safe place and then used his diagnostic tester and diagnosed a fault "coolant tempature sensor" causing this anti pollution fault,wrote dad a letter and told him to take it back to the citroen garage.

    He did this today and lost his rag whilst in there as they are going on about changing the fuel pump and changing this that and the other,if you google anti pollution filter there are 100's of ppl with the same problem who have spent big money on having fuel pumps and various other parts of the car changed and the anti pollution fault still reappears.
    I've spoken to citroen uk theyre hopeless this fault is so dangerous yet citroen seem to want to "eliminate" it at dads expense by replacing this that and the other to "see" if that cures it!

    Dad got so peeved that other customers were watching/listening and the citroen garage drove him home whilst his car stayed there.

    Even though he has told them not to change the fuel pump i have a sneaky feeling that they will and then try and bill him for it,what happens if they do just that?

    I'm begining to wonder if citroen garage did put it on the diagnostic machine before at all as it seems strange that they couldnt find the fault but the aa guy did right away


    dont count me on it but i think they r not allowed to just change parts without owners consent so in rights not to pay but not 100% sure

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    dont count me on it but i think they r not allowed to just change parts … dont count me on it but i think they r not allowed to just change parts without owners consent so in rights not to pay but not 100% sure

    yes thats the bit I need to find out for sure as when the cars ready I'm guessing they will say theyve changed the fuel pump and the cost for this is blah blah blah even though he didnt want it done,but once the new bit is on the car i wonder if they have to take it off if you refuse to pay?

    As Willber has said, I don't think they can just change a part and then force him to pay for it, he should be within his rights to refuse to pay for work he didn't authorise. If they still won't make the proper repairs then get him to tell them he's contacting their main customer services and Trading Standards about the situation and will not be bullied into paying for expensive repairs when it is something simple that has been diagnosed by an independent organisation. If he's unhappy with that particular garage then is there another Citroen garage in the area he could try instead?

    There's this page from Trading Standards about garages:…txt

    It sounds like if he does have anything done and it costs over £100 then use a credit card to pay as you will have better protection to start off with, but this part was more like what you were looking for.

    "Repairs have been carried out without authorisation
    This can be a contentious matter, especially with verbal contracts, as it can be very difficult to 'prove' that the garage had carried out the work without your authority. It will generally come down to your word against the word of the garage. If the garage has carried out unauthorised work, you could ask the garage to 'undo' it and put the vehicle back to its original condition. This course of action, however, can create problems, especially if it would make the car unroadworthy. The garage may also refuse to undo the work or release the car without payment. If improvements have been made, the garage is entitled to exercise a lien over the car. This is a legal right to hold disputed goods until payment is made. In these circumstances, the only way you can recover possession of the car is to 'pay under protest' and to pursue your claim for reimbursement. The garage may be a member of a trade association with a conciliation, mediation or arbitration service which can help sort out your complaint. You may have to pay for using an arbitration service, but conciliation is usually free. Discuss the service offered with the trade association before committing yourself. You could also, as a last resort, take action in the County Court."

    if they did work without is permission its illegal and could result in a prosecution.

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    Thankyou for the help still no news from the garage as yet,looks like it will be tomorrow,have saved this info thankyou again

    Any news from the Garage yet Mardy?
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