My ebay accounts been hijacked.

Found 27th Feb 2008
Just been trying to log on to ebay since last night with the only password I have ever used. Kept on thinking I had cap locks on or something but after the 6th attempt I thought something fishy must be going on. I then attempted to recover the password but found out I couldn't access the hotmail account my ebay is linked to either! So something really fishy is going on now.
I have just emailed ebay about it so am waiting for their response. I'm sure they will email back some crap about only being able to deal with me through my nominated email account.
Has anyone else experienced similar problems? What was the process? What can they actually do with your hijacked account? My password for paypal is different so it's not like they are just going to buy loads of expensive items with my money.
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dont worry too much.
I had a friend who's account had been hijacked and ebay sorted the problem out.

Click here for UK Account Security. Open from 10am…lp4
My Account Was Hijacked And Ebay Had It Sorted Before I Even Knew About It.i Just Had To Change My Password. It Was An Email From Holland, About An Item I Was Selling ,that Hijacked My Account. I Barred That Person From Contacting Me Again. Don't Worry Too Much, Ebay Will Sort It Out For You.
I really would if I were you, download adaware, spybot and avg antivirus,(ALL free and quality software) as if you have a virus/trojan or spyware etc then changing your password wont do any good as the person who has done this can just do it again if your system has been compromised
Well I use nod32, widely regarded as the best antivirus, anti spyware etc. I'm also really aware of phishing and never follow links off emails. I will run spybot SD tonight just in case Nod hasn't picked it up.
I can only think it may be my work computer.
have you checked to see if anyone is selling anything using your id?
On page 6 of today's "Sun", there is a little article about Microsoft Hotmail Accounts being down yesterday, going offline here, Ireland and the US.

Your inability to log into Hotmail may be as a result of this.
no it's definately been messed with. i can log in with other accounts. anyway, been doing the live help, it was hijacked and someone was listing loads of tv series dvd boxsets.
anyway now im going through the process of trying to change my ebay password after it has been reset. im ******ed as I cannot answer the security question correctly. considering giving up all together.
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