My employer carries out work for Israel

    My employer carries out work for Israel. Can I refuse to do it now as I feel its unethical?

    No fights, just facts please


    not if you value your job

    Did they knock England out of the World Cup?

    No fights just facts lol Nobody has a clue what your on about !

    I too have a job... can I refuse to do it because its unethical ?

    You can refuse, whilst collecting your p45.

    You are clearly unhappy working for a company whose ethical standards fall short of your own.

    Continuing to work for such a company, even if you take the high ground and refuse to handle the Israel-related side of the business, is surely compromising your principles to such an extent that you will undoubtedly make yourself unhappy, if not ill.

    The only ethical thing to do is to resign and either find a company that does not trade with any country mired in political, economic or environmental corrupt practices (such as Israel, the USA, China, India, South Africa, Egypt, etc.) or accept charity from the bloodied and tainted hands of the UK Government.

    Of course, there's always the Peruvian embassy. I hear they can be quite accommodating.

    As therealpunk above, you must inform your employer that you will not proceed with that side of things but be prepared to be stron and hand in your notice if he says "tough".

    You must pick of the lesser of the evils.

    You will always be supporting the bad guys indirectly by paying your taxes but rather that on its own than also supporting them directly.

    Fact: Yes you can refuse, nobody can ever stop you.

    Fight: With your advisor in the job centre regarding your work activity sheet.

    Outcome: You lose!

    Advice: Just get on with your job and stop whining.
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    What a daft post!!

    I got gripes with lots of countries but at the end of the day you either want to get paid or you want to join the dole line
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