My employer wants me to use my own mobile for work - help!

Posted 5th Aug 2010
Hi everyone, I'm looking to hear from anyone who's employer, instead of giving you a work mobile, asks you to use your personal mobile for work and offers financial recompense. They are thinking about doing this at my workplace and I've got quite a few worries (that are shared with colleagues) which I could do with some help with.

I'm slightly worried that putting my personal number on the work database will lead to lots of calls when I'm not in working hours... as if I had a work mobile I could simply turn it off. Also, how much are you paid/what is the process for claiming back the cost of calls? I'm worried that going through my itemised bill line by line will take up lots of time, and I could potentially not want others to know what numbers I've been calling on a personal basis.

thanks in advance!
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