My first car - questions.

    I'm looking to buy a cheap car. Have I to buy number plates or are they always on the car anyway? Where do I buy the road tax ? When I select an insurance,do I need to wait till the send me the contract or do I pay online and print something out which is valid to show the police. Should I be aware of something else,like stolen cars ...?
    Any recommendations for a cheap car insurance ?

    Thanks for your help!!


    second hand cars will come with number plates
    Road tax can be brought online
    You do not need to wait for the insurance company to send insurance documents as Police will always check with their central database as it is easy to forge the certificates or get the certificate and then cancel the insurance, so you can start driving as soon as the cover starts.
    To check if the car you are buying is stolen etc, do a HPI check, google it, there are companies like the AA, RAC etc that do it for a few pounds and it gives you all known data on the car, like if it has been written off, stolen etc etc
    For car insurance (which is a pain), just go to as many sites as possible and see which is the cheapest, best way to do it really (for me anyway)


    What car are you looking to buy?


    What car are you looking to buy?

    i have a punto active I may be selling lol.

    As mentioned, only things to worry about are
    The cost of the car
    The cost of the Insurance (And seeing as this is the first time... be prepared for some silly quotes:w00t:)

    Try to get a small, low powered car to start with (unless you have unlimted funds..) that has some good reviews on cost and repair bills.
    These are normally cheaper to insure and tax.
    Remember you can buy the services of the RAC or AA to give the car a full check over, HPI and ensure that your not buying a rust bucket that will fall apart within 5 seconds of buying it.

    Once decided on what model(s) of car you want, then search the net and see what prices they are charging. Dealers will always be more expensive that private sellers but you do have more rights than buying private.

    Once your happy do a deal.
    Do not be afraid to haggle :thumbsup: (Though I'm sure you know that since your here!!)
    Ensure that they give you the V5C slip. This will prove that you now own the car and that you also sign the V5 document that they send of to the DVLA.
    You will normally have you new documents within 4-6 weeks.

    Insurance wise, normally, as soon as you pay for the insurance you are covered from that moment.
    You would need the V5 or V5C document, Insurance certificate and the MOT to obtain a new road tax disc if the car does not have one now, but if does come with it, then something not to worry about till later.

    Good luck:thumbsup:

    Regarding stolen cars im assuming you mean how would you know if the car your buying is or isnt stolen, you should obtain a hpi report, which will say if the car has previously been involved in an accident, has finance owning on it still and also who is the current registed keeper this can be obtained online, or if your purchashing from a dealer you can ask them to do one for you too for peace of mind

    Just a few other pointers

    for very reasonable insurance quotes have a look at…ce/

    Just been looking for my 17 year old son and saved on average £800 !!! on many models

    cheap cars to insure seem to be vauxhall corsa, renault clio, citroen c1 & c2 as long as they are smaller engines 1L to 1.2L

    if you are looking at 2nd hand cars yourself check the following things

    1- if a private sale make sure you are at the sellers home address and not just outside some random persons house

    2- ask for the logbook and look at the chassis and engine number.
    check these are the same as on the car itself.
    you will find an identification plate under the bonnet at the front of the car. On some models this is a information sticker on the 'b' post - you will find this by opening the drivers door...its just by the seat back.
    (make sure it looks original.)
    There may also be a chassis number plate in the bottom passenger side of the windscreen. There may also be a chassis number stamped into the floor pan by the drivers seat. there is often a little hatch to open. Make sure the metal around the numbers is smooth and not welded in. (have a look on the reverse side (under the car for weld marks)
    An honest seller will show you where all of the identification is.

    3 - look at the registraton plates
    are the screws original or replaced
    is it a stick on plate..... if so be suspicious and check out the identity closely

    4- to check it has not been in an accident look at all of the spacings between panel joints ie between doors/pillars between bonnet/wings etc... tey all should be a uniform width.
    check the space between the wheels and the wheel arches are uniform
    check under the carpet in the boot for any 'ripples' in the floor
    look down the entire length of the car for any imperfections in the painted surface - 'ripples'
    NEVER look at a car in the rain as it hides tell tale signs of troublle

    4 - mechanically you may need to take someone with you who knows what they are doing or get a professional inspection from the RAC


    [url][/url] is the only sensible place to get insurance at our age anywhere else is 750+ dearer, or if your parents/guardians have a pollicy then if your get one of them to be the first driver on the car and then have you on as an additional driver then it works out cheaper also. no bigger than a 1.6 engine otherwise insurance will be through the roof and landing on the moon. Always price up the car you have seen first for insurance before making any decisions some cars no matter how big the engine are just dear to insure for example Corsa's and Saxo's dont go near them as to insure a 1.6i Astra is cheaper than insuring a 1.1l saxo and a 1.0 corsa

    Also thing about police; they have all this stuff on their database in their car. Like you dont need to carry your driving liscense the police will just ask a few detils and check you have one on etc. Think its the same for insurance as far as i am aware.

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    Thanks everyone for your help and suggestions !!!
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