My first post - Please be gentle

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Found 12th Dec 2009
As soon as I see this in a deal I always want to just cold it.

What do people think will happen when they post ? People come round and do them over if its wrong ?

If its because they are worried about people negging it, putting its your first post, first deal etc wont make the blind bit of difference.

I think people just need to grow a pair and get on with their lives.

Flame away, Ill still sleep easy. :-)

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People come round and do them over if its wrong ?

You mean you haven't heard about this????

Noob. ;-)

Annoys me too.

Cold it? I thought cold was an adjective, not a verb. You can't 'cold' something.





Be gentle with him.He's fairly new. :giggle::giggle::giggle::giggle:


Damn I read that as it was your first post!


doesnt really bother me, a deals a deal whether they put be gentle with me or not, maybe they seen some of the nastier comments when people get it wrong

I guess if you're a newb at posting we must all look and sound terribly scary at times.

btw OP, no deals anyway??

Original Poster

No, im too scared to post. lmao.
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