my flamedeers aren't on my account

    I've caught 3 silent night flamedeers which didn't show on my account. What's happened?


    if it's the same reindeer it stacks them. so you might have that flamedeer x3

    so does that count for one of the three reindeer's needed for a prize?

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    Its because you have only made 4 comments in a whole year they dont like that so they took flight................

    it doesn't work like that mate. there is different grades of flamedeer. so you've got the bronze silver and gold. you could have 6 bronze and 25 silver but you need that one gold one to win.

    Looking at you collection it shows you have 3 Silent Night White -- and 2 Silent Night Silver.


    Hi jwud
    There's a dedicated Flamedeer thread here

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