My friend is getting harassed by local council who claim she hasnt paid CT and threatening her with court

    What can she do?

    She paid the first lot by cash for the year, and got a receipt and was shocked to recieve a letter a couple of weeks back saying if she didnt pay within 2 weeks she would be taken to court, shes a really shy and nervous person and replied and sent off the original receipt but didnt send it recorded so of course it has gone "missing"

    In the last 6 months shes going through a lot with her dad dying and her mum going on a drinks binge as she tried to commit suicide and her brother took the dads death bad and got into trouble with the police so this is last thing she needs.

    Anyway she told me they demanded she pay £20 a week(she works minimum wage 30 hours a week and has to pay mortgage so cant afford to) and so she has, but I think this means she cant argue with them as shes agreed that she owes it by doing this.

    Shes really upset and depressed since it happened and missed some work.



    not alot really she can do other than pay up, or wait for them to take her to court and hope its a mistake


    they should have it on record somewhere themselves that it has been paid

    Council tax is paid linked to a property, not a person.

    If she is living away from home in flat she has to pay council tax for that, if she is living at home with family then the council tax has to be paid on that property (but not just by her).

    You say she paid council tax, but for which property?

    Find out for which property the council are asking to be paid (it will be on the paperwork) and go and visit them (most councils have a walk in office which would be a good starting point).

    If it was paid last year then they will have a record of that.

    Next time DONT pay cash as that can go missing, pay by cheque then you have proof the cheque has been cashed and it can be proved she paid.


    not alot really she can do other than pay up

    What a terrible piece of advice.

    The minimum she should do is go to the Citizens Advice Bureaux

    Web site here


    Let them take her to court, if she has a receipt showing full payment, she can show that evidence in court and make the b'stards look like a right bunch of muppets



    What a terrible piece of advice.The minimum she should do is go to the … What a terrible piece of advice.The minimum she should do is go to the Citizens Advice BureauxWeb site here

    if there is no record of payment and she has no proof, then what do you think cab are going to do, maybe we could all say we have paid but have no proof


    Foosball Chum;2852312

    Let them take her to court, if she has a receipt showing full payment, … Let them take her to court, if she has a receipt showing full payment, she can show that evidence in court and make the b'stards look like a right bunch of muppets

    she sent the original receipt by post to them, and it appears it never turned up

    Since she has a receipt that she has already paid (but went 'missing' in the post), why don't you just take her to the council tax office to have it sorted?

    Edit: just read that the original receipt is now missing. Unless she paid by cash, her payment can still be traced whether by debit card or cheque.

    My mum went through something similar this year

    She paid in full at the start of the year and they sent her a letter saying it had been miscalculated and she owed an extra £25. My mum wrote to them explaining but she never got a response but continued letters threatening to take her to court unless she paid.

    My mum could not afford to pay it in one go so she offered to pay a little at a time but again there was no response just a court summons.

    My mum went to court and explained what had happened and the council admitted that they had made a mistake and my mum did not owe anything.

    If your friend is adamant that they paid it, get her to stick to her guns and see them in court, they threaten people with court hoping to scare them into coughing up money they dont owe.

    If my mum had been scared and paid the money then she would have paid it for no reason as she didnt owe anything!!!

    Sassie is right, without proof of payment she will struggle on this one, very unfair I know but that's the truth of the matter. I would say she should go in person to the local CT office and tell them what happened and ask them where the money may have gone if it's not showing on her account, at least by doing that they will be able to see that she is genuine and not trying to pull a fast one. Any unidentified overpayments etc in their system should be traceable....if her payments went into the wrong account by mistake etc there may be ways for them to be tracked down? Like I say going in and showing her face and that she is interested in resolving this will go a long way.

    Good luck :-D

    Original Poster

    Well I would go with her but she lives like 50 miles away and she works during time its open.

    Im not sure the total things myself but I believe it was her parents house and when he died the mum went to stay with family and she took over the property and mortgage

    surely the receipt was computerised?

    If it is was a computerised receipt there will be a record of her payment surely?

    Original Poster

    No idea, but I know my old council just gave you the type where its 3 layers and they write on top layer and it creates a imprint below it

    I quite believe it as where I used to lie a few years ago had to apply for housing benefit 5 times in 6 weeks since they kept losing the forms and the receipts proving I handed it in, luckily I kept mine safe(from experience)


    whatever system they have there is either a rcord of it, or the isnt. Wasting your time with cab seems pretty pointless unless you expect them to get a better response than your friend has, she needs to go in there her self, but at the end of the day without proof of payment she either pays up or takes her chances in court, i dont know what else you think can be done

    Did she not have a card stamped ? which indicated payment? Also get her to go to her bank to get proof she withdrew that money to pay the bill..
    IF nothing works... phone them and ask to speak to the monitoring officer- explain the mess up and that you will file a claim for harassment as it has been paid, and its the council at error which will be exposed via the press should this not be rectified immediatly. IF this does not work, as for the address of the ombidsman to file a complaint.

    PS get her to contact her local councillor.. THEY will and should assist in this.

    Sounds like Wolverhampton council.... it's amazing how they change their tune the minute you get CAB involved. Best way forward.
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