My Head Hurts!!! Which Phone???

    Ok, so my contract with vodafone is up on Oct 14th. And I really want an iPhone.
    Had an iPod Touch and loved it (sold on here thinking I was getting an iPhone).

    So I phone up vodafone to tell them I want to cancel my contract and to give me my code to keep my number. They tell me about the Samsung Omnia, but they cant give me it for free because ive been on a £15 a month contract for the past 3 years.

    At this point im hapy enough, because im getting an iPhone (just waiting for my number code)

    Vodafone called me today to offer me the Omnia for FREE on my £15 a month contract.
    And now I don't know what to do.

    I sold my Touch to get the iPhone ( so money is waiting) But would mean going upto £35 a month for the iPhone.

    Any Advice would be very helpful (Anyone got an Omnia??)

    iPhone VS Omnia??????


    personally for a difference of £20 a month id go for the omnia seems a pretty good deal and a decent phone!

    WOW! An Omnia @ £15 per month! Grab it while you can, the iphone can wait, just get another ipod touch (new range out next month) and you have such a better combo than the iphone at half the price. :thumbsup:


    iphone :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the input guys, leaning towards the omnia, just seen some videos reviews and it looks good.

    Original Poster

    anyone else?

    ive got the iphone 3g, Its really good, But i bet you will get bored with it in a week, Well thats just me personally, Ive whacked mine on fleabay! happy with my n95 8gb for the mo!
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