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my hermes sorry to inform you your parcelhas been stolen!

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Posted 12th Aug 2015

got this lovely email earlier and as a result I would advise people to stay clear of my hermes,

"We are sorry to inform you that your parcel, has been stolen while in transit with myHermes. Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience this may cause you and your recipient.

The Police have been informed and they will carry out an investigation.

We will refund you up to the maximum compensation amount that you took out with us at the time of your order. To enable us to process this speedily, please complete the following online claim form"

Made me smile in a manic kind of way, only ever sent TWO things with this company, so a 50% theft rate already. I decided to look at the tracking information they have on their website and somewhat stunningly their agent collected my parcel as well as a car full of others I assume at 1AM! So I wonder if they were out delivering at 1AM of do you thing they popped home, leaving the car on the drive full of parcels on display and they got robbed. The woman that delivers locally drives round in a car that is jammed with things she is delivering, thankfully she doesn't even knock on the door she just posts a slip through saying you were not in (bearing in mind she walked past you while you were watering the front lawn, said hello and talked about the weather)

Thankfully no number to contact on webforms to complete for compensation which can take 14 days. Sent email explaining the psychological trauma at being a victim of crime had left me afraid to venture outdoors and as it was their agent I might need to make a claim for the trauma I was suffering, money refunded within 30 minutes!

Irony is the item that got nicked was a CCTV camera that was faulty and was being returned.

Royal Mail from now on.
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