My Hermes - tracking status says Not Delivered Address Query

Posted 17th Dec 2014
I got an email from Evans to say my parcel was with Hermes and I should receive it shortly yesterday morning. I just realised I still haven't had it and would have expected to by now. I clicked on the tracking link in the email. At 08:19 the courier received my parcel and at 10.40 yesterday morning there's an entry that says not delivered address query.

Has anybody had this before? I've had loads of parcels delivered by My Hermes before. Does it mean the courier couldn't find my house? Or that the parcel has the address missing?

My Hermes site says I have to contact Evans with any queries and Evans don't want to know until the latest delivery date has been and gone. This is something that could be cleared up really easily if there was a way of contacting the courier
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